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The Endless Cycle Of Introduction

Hello my name is…anonymous.

I mean, at this point in my story, it should be.

And as such, I should probably mention that this isn’t my first blog or my first introductory post on this website.

But in all honesty, I can’t take all the blame for my last failed venture on this online space. You see, keeping up with the high demand of writing intriguing and consistent posts conflicted with my family and work life. And as a result, my schedule became overwhelming. So, as I was accustomed to doing, I retreated and quit writing my thoughts on the world.

At that time, I reasoned that because nobody told me how much work was needed to formulating thoughtful and coherent sentences and ideas, that it was okay for me to give up.

I mean, who was I to say that I was completely at fault? Right?…Certainly not me.

Anyways, if you’re still reading, I will now begin introduce myself…again.

At the time of writing, I am a 29-year-old male living in California.

I have my Bachelors in Psychology and my minor in Counseling.

I have past experience working with at-risk youth in a residential and educational setting along with volunteer work in domestic violence shelters, LGBTQ centers, and sexual violence prevention programs.

Yet, as much as I take pride in working with diverse populations, I can safely say that my understanding of the world and how it operates is very limited.

I’ll explain by letting you know that after I graduated with my B.A., I started working at a group-home facility for at-risk adolescent girls.

And through their stories, it became clear that greed and manipulation were powerful agents that were used to misguide and prey on the these vulnerable girls. Knowing this, I did everything that I learned to show them that I was there to help them without wanting anything in return. I was determined to make them understand that there were good people in life. Yet many went back to that unscrupulous world. And they went back running.

So, I went searching for the answers to understand the fundamental nature of human behavior by applying to a Master’s Program for Marriage and Family Therapy and surprisingly, I got in.

But what I found in the program changed my view of people and the world.

And I don’t know if that was anyone’s intention.

So here I am.

I’m in a position where I can write these posts without needing to worry about the repercussions.

And through these posts, I hope you will understand the reality of my world and how it functions.

You will learn about my struggles. And how they may be similar or different from yours.

And I know you may be wondering why I chose to name my blog “The Endless Cycle Of…”

Well, our feelings aren’t static.

We will experience love, hate, anger, and sadness in different intervals throughout our lives and our reactions to such feelings will alternate over the years.

People will come and go. And sometimes, we may go with them. They will change your opinion and the way you see the world. Our goals and what we want out of our lives will adjust according to our needs.

Our life is just an endless cycle of our reactions to such events.

And if you give me a chance, you will learn about the endless cycles of my life.

If you like what you see, feel free to make a donation to my Paypal. Any amount would be appreciated. Thank you.


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